Another extraordinary day

Whoops! This was meant to be published on 2nd April and I forgot!!

Another odd day to add to the growing list of odd days! I keep expecting to get completely used to it but something hits me like a bolt. In fact it’s normally other people; that’s not a bad thing. I love talking to people; I really love it!!

I love talking to people so much that I pushed to have all our catch up meetings on Microsoft Teams video link. Until recently I hated this type of meeting but right now they are brilliant!! You get to see everyone, talk properly and pay attention because people can see you. Seeing people gives you more of a sense of being there even when you aren’t. It’s morale boosting; it’s fun; it’s really good for the soul!! Maybe not for the soul of one of my colleagues who probably hated me for most of Monday when they had technical issues as they couldn’t hear the rest of us; unfortunately we could hear the threats of what he was f@@@ing going to do to the computer!! But it added to the event for everyone else; probably should have toned down my response when he asked me if I secretly enjoyed it? Note to self!!

Work have started up a National chat hub! This covers every single office so it’s a great idea to be able to chat just as easily about anything any everything with someone in Birmingham and Edinburgh at the same time. What a fantastic way to bring people together at this difficult time. It’s been an eye opener; things people have said that hadn’t crossed my mind as they didn’t affect me directly. This Lockdown has affected people’s daily lives in so many different ways. But coming together in a work environment like this for a work day when you could just as easily be lost on your own in your own four walls could be a lifesaver.

A colleague mentioned to me about Google 3D animals today. If you haven’t given it a go, please do. It’s a bit of fun!! You can see some animals on 3D and take photos involving the kids; should be some entertainment for a while! Here are a couple of shots.

Then someone posted a song and these are definitely some odd times. Those who know me well will tell you I am incredibly emotional and I am, it’s true but I have never cried at this song. It however seemed pretty apt right now when I listened to the lyrics at points. Literally found myself a sobbing mess!! See – it creeps up on you when you least expect it!! But at least I’m now feeling well and things are looking up. If you fancy a bit of emotion … here goes.

Stay safe!! Xx

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