Isolation – Day Nine

The Only Way is Up, or is it? I’ve no idea whether I’m coming or going right now; whether up is down or down is up!!

So yesterday I felt like I’d been to hell and back and I wasn’t sure I’d even come back!! I think I was pretty much camping out there and taken out some form of residency. Today I wake up and I have a much more positive feeling; still coughing but not as much as yesterday and so long as I don’t push it, things feel like they are on the up again.

I’ve spent the day taking it relatively easy but starting to tidy a few things up around the house and get things sorted for the week. It’s been a nice quiet family day. All the research and guidance would say I’m no longer a risk to my immediate family so have been around them a bit more today.

It got to about 8.30 and that “feeling” had started to creep back in; the windpipe is sore and the lungs are starting to hurt. The cough is getting worse again and I’m sat here just hoping it is nothing and it goes away!!

I have just read an article on the Daily Mail about a man who has had the Coronavirus; well likely had given he hasn’t been able to be tested either like the rest of us. And interestingly, it’s the first time I’ve read about someone having the same issues with the cyclical “fine”, “slightly worse” and then “awful”. An interesting read … so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. let’s see what tomorrow brings.

The real reason for Yazz “The Only Way is Up”? A friend of mine commented this very statement yesterday and I reckon we have to have some form of statement to believe in so why not this? And, always one to love lyrics and a song, why not sing it? Come on everyone …

The only way is up, baby

For you and me now

The only way is up, baby

For you and me now

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