Isolation – Day Seven

Apologies this was meant to be posted yesterday but I fell asleep through sudden complete exhaustion, which took me by surprise so I didn’t get to post!! You’ll find out why by the end!!!!!! 😔

This is my last official day of isolation unless:

  • Things get worse
  • I have a fever

Fell asleep on the sofa last night (Thursday) so I’m not quite convinced that forcing myself to stay awake yesterday helped!! I did however sleep relatively well considering and slept in until 6.50am rather than the usual 5am that it has been all week. Swings and roundabouts. I did have to share my bed last night with this little monkey though!!!


I got up feeling a lot better in myself and a lot more positive than any other day so sleep must help. There you go, that’s probably about the only tip I’ve given – Get sleep at the right time!!! Rest but don’t nap in the day!!

All day I felt quite positive and so much better than I had felt from the previous day. I wasn’t bringing stuff up from coughing; in fact I wasn’t coughing anywhere near as much!! I worked all day because I felt good. I just knew I could exert myself as the pain in my throat and lungs was like burning and broken glass. Something still there but nothing like it was.

I must be on the upwards turn out of this. Right? Wrong!!!!

The sudden onset of extreme exhaustion was the first sign … this isolation will continue … you’ll have to wait until Day 8!! Oooh, cliffhanger!!

Doof, doof, doof, doof, doof, doof, doof, doof ….

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