Isolation – Day Six

Day 6 … am I nearing the end of this? Am I just entering a new phase? I wish I had the answers!! Today I have carried around a bowl so that I could easily cough up into … I know, TMI but I can’t help it! It isn’t pleasant and I may as well be honest about it. There’s no point trying to roll it in glitter. Today has been a complete drain on every resource I have

The coughing, when it happens, is horrendous. I just hope that it all helps by making the virus leave my body and end this.

I chose not to sleep today and keep myself awake by half working and half resting. I am hoping it will help me sleep tonight. Fingers and toes crossed!! Not sure I should work right now as I don’t think I have a filter!! I don’t suffer fools gladly anyway so at times like now, my patience is a little shorter than normal. If I am short with you, I apologise in advance!

Today’s school work has gone swimmingly with the youngest achieving a “show up” and a “green slip” – amazing achievements for the first week of home schooling. I am so proud of how both children have taken to the challenge and have been happy to take on the work set by the school and go to their lessons. And to top it all they have enjoyed it. I have the utmost respect and thanks for the teachers and the entire school for all the efforts – absolutely amazing!! Well done!!!

I had a serious sense of humour failure until about 2pm today and felt like I wanted the ground to swallow me up but I have to say I’ve perked up a bit following that. Perhaps things are looking up? I sincerely hope so and I, for one, am going to look on the positive side. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

This evening was the nationwide clap for the NHS at 8pm and I supported this from my open bedroom window. Wow!! What a coming together of neighbours and friends – and I actually got to see them. Not only did we come to celebrate the amazing NHS but we came together as neighbours and chatted across the street from windows and doors; checking on each other. I promised to keep my germs to myself!! Lol! We heartily wished each other a good night and went indoors. I really love the street where I live!!

Good night!! Until we meet again xx

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