Isolation – Day Five

Another sleepless night of coughing but my head felt a little clearer and a bit more “with it” this morning! But I wasn’t sure if that was the endorphins from my eggs on toast!!

I think I might have been right about those endorphins!! The tiredness kicked in and I was back asleep after passing back out around 11.30am. Symptom wise I have moved on to a new stage, my cough is now productive – now I’m sure you don’t need too much information!!! And I’m not going to give it either!! Needless to say, it’s not nice but I suspect it’s “better out than in”! On the plus side, the sore throat is gone so I don’t sound horrendous.

I don’t do being ill so this is annoying beyond belief and I don’t do time off work!! I have been haunted by some illnesses over the past few years and I have fought on through and I will not let this virus get to me!! I have cabin fever now and just want to be able to open the front door and walk outside; something so simple that we take for granted.

A friend video called me this morning and that really cheered me up and hopefully; if she reads this she will realise what a difference she made to my day. Another friend video called me last night on an app we downloaded “House Party” and we had a good laugh! I can’t thank you both enough for making me feel more normal!! You both brought some laughter back into my life and cheered my days; honestly the best medicine in the world.

I realise more people although not in isolation are more isolated now than they were earlier in the week. Look after each other. Keep in touch! Keep talking. Video call friends. Have a laugh. You never know how much that could mean.

Keep safe!! Xx

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