Isolation – Day Four

Well I have to say I feel pretty crap on Day 4 … even before getting out of bed. I was awake by 5am and slept terribly. I hate it when you see most hours of the night!!! Matchsticks will be required for my eyelids all day! I have coughed most of the night, my head feels like it’s going to burst and my breathing is awful. Always a good start to make you feel like getting up!!

I walked around like a zombie until about 9am and attempted to go through my emails. I made a call and was told straight away that I shouldn’t be working and by that point my emotions had already set in. Trying to hide them with my warped sense of humour and I set about calling my manager to talk to him. As it turns out, he already knew about my poor sleep and how I was feeling; thanks HR – having already checked on me as a friendly check, she had updated him and I was being told I needed to rest. Apparently the world wouldn’t fall apart without me!! And even if it did what was I going to do about it? Fair point!!

I tried to rest I really did but for some reason my body had other ideas. I coughed, I had problems breathing and I just could not settle!! Why couldn’t I settle? I have no idea but it has been an unsettling day and I can’t understand why!!! I just haven’t felt right on top of everything. I managed a little sleep around lunchtime and it was, again, like passing out … I was gone!!

In the time I was asleep, one of my wonderful friends and neighbours had been to get my shopping list from the supermarket and another had been to a food place that is closing and purchased some bacon and eggs; hoorah no more rationing my eggs!! Back to egg bliss in my house!! We live off them normally. I cannot thank them enough.

Home schooling went relatively well; so long as you count the fact that it was a good job I wasn’t working as my youngest had to use my laptop today!! Her laptop couldn’t cope with the video calls. Thankfully the school have offered a loaned laptop going forwards but being in isolation that caused further issues!! Cue another amazing friend who could help me out by picking it up when she picked up her child from school and dropping it off to us on her way home. She is an amazing nurse who is now working in a hospital rather than her normal place of work due to the pandemic; an amazing key worker and still time to help out a friend in need! The NHS are amazing.

So far everyone else is still healthy in this house. I hope that remains the case and I am trying to stay away but isolation is so very tricky!!

Stay safe and stay healthy!!

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