Isolation – Day Three

Welcome to Day 3 of isolation!! It’s Day One of homeschooling and the hubby working from home; let the stresses begin!!

I slept ok last night … eventually … but I’ve started getting chills and sweats! Nice, eh? Sorry for the TMI!! it was a case of covers up, covers down, covers up, covers down. But I got up, showered and ready to work from home … I need to keep going. I am still coughing, my throat still hurts, my head aches and when I breathe the top half of my body aches but I am in a really good position in reality. Nothing near the pictures and coverage you see on the news. Whilst I still have my humour I reckon I’ll be ok!!

Amazing work service, HR have checked on me … thank you!! My friends have checked on me. The power of people. It really brightens your day. If you have someone in isolation, or older relatives, call them, check on them, chat with them – it makes a difference. I have spoken to my Dad and to my Mum every day since this Pandemic has worsened and I like to think it is helping them; unfortunately there is nothing else I can do than that. But, it’s good to talk! Keep talking, keep in touch. Remember not everyone has someone; think of them too. What can you do within the social distancing restraints? I’ve been checking on colleagues and friends from my branch to check how they are during they day – and their responses have been one of shock that someone would check on them. These times are trying and unprecedented; people don’t know how to cope; be kind!!

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”

Princess Diana

I had to give in by 3.20pm today … I was completely done in. I passed out as soon as I laid my head on the pillow and I had the best two hours sleep I’ve had in a while. I think I’ve been affected more than I thought. Though the two arguments about classwork today with my two I’m sure did not help!

The most annoying thing is this cough … it’s making me tired and my head throbs and my breathing is laboured and its harder to talk without coughing now. It’s not nice but it will pass and I will be ok.

Have just watched Boris Johnson’s press conference and I don’t disagree with the outcome. What choice is there when people don’t listen to a request? Thanks for bringing this earlier on everyone than was needed! Well done Covidiots!

That’s me done for the day. I’m falling asleep as I finish this and I need my bed. Tomorrow will be another day

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