Isolation – Day One

So yesterday was Day 1 of self-isolation. To say I am not the most popular person in my household is an understatement!!

I made the difficult decision this morning; having had 5 bouts of coughing fits that perhaps I may have caught Covid-19. Now I have had a cough ongoing since 13 December so the decision was tricky … was it new? Was it worse? But it definitely was.

To be fair this all came on quite quickly in the end, a sore throat on Friday night and by 11am Saturday morning having been awake 4 hours; I’d had 5 coughing fits. Is it Covid-19? I can’t be sure as I won’t be tested unless – God forbid – I end up in hospital. What I do know is, it’s not the cough I had before and my throat feels like it has glass in it. And I know you just can’t be selfish and careless about these things so I will self-isolate for 7 days as the NHS guidance states and my family for 14 days (dependent if and when they get it, which I hope they don’t!!).

The coughing continued yesterday and my heart beat is faster and I can “feel” my breathing. It seems more like it’s Covid-19 but I may never find out.

When I told the children, my eldest’s eyes welled up. They hated the idea of being isolated for 14 days and they looked scared. Every time I move; there’s a question of “Are you alright?” Or a statement of “You shouldn’t be doing that”. My youngest just burst into tears. It’s hard on the children; they understand what they need to and have their own opinions but my first thought is to want to protect them and I know I can’t promise that. I will do my best and keep them safe. But it is heartbreaking to see.

On the other side of the scale was my husband … of course he cares, I know that but I’m pretty unpopular!! Thankfully his work are sorting out him working from home and things will continue as close to normal as possible. Though let’s see how all 4 of us survive a week cooped up together!!!!!

So, there’s a sign on the door to warn people including delivery people to ring the doorbell and leave deliveries on the doorstep. I’m in a separate room as far as possible from everyone else. I’m cleaning surfaces that I touch that are shared by other – on the plus side my house will be sparkling!! We have enough daily essentials for now and I know we have friends we can call on if we need anything.

But I have a plea for everyone, heed the warnings!! Stay indoors! Social distancing. And stop bloody stockpiling food and necessities from the supermarket!!! Think of others; your friends and family, the frontline workers. These are not voluntary measures; they are mandatory. Do your bit. We are all in this together!!!

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