Isolation – Day 2

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers out there!! It’s a bit of a different one for everyone out there this year; not getting to spend time with loved ones. My gorgeous two bought me flowers and chocolates and some beautiful cards and I feel spoilt even though I can’t hold them close today.

So far today, I ache a little more and I have a headache on top of the cough and sore throat. So things seem to be progressing slowly. Still relatively mild though and I am not in any respiratory problems other than “feeling” my breathing, which I don’t normally do. I am hoping it stays without issue.

Had a little kip before lunch but struggled to rest even though my head hurt and I was so tired; just couldn’t get comfy. Had a little something to eat. Guessed I’d better try and get dressed and enjoy some sunshine – that always makes you feel better, right?

My hubby decided he’d build the kids a little track to use their hoverboards on! At least that kept them and us amused for a while. They were trying to beat each other’s times on each go; our own mini Monaco 🇲🇨 in the back garden. And what with the sun shining, they were all smiles and had a fantastic time. Add to that the netball and football playing – a sports filled day for the kids and they have had such fun. Even in isolation; getting some time outside in the fresh air works wonders for everyone.

Once they were back in, I took a seat out in the sunshine for a while to get myself out of the house. The sunshine was lovely; albeit still a little chilly as it’s March. I can understand why people want to get out in this weather but please please remember social distancing! Stay home; use gardens and only go out for necessity!! And in open spaces … it is not time to go out for group picnics or be on the beaches with lots of other people. Rant over – again!!

Mother’s Day dinner was a wonderful Roast Lamb followed by a Mango and Passionfruit cheesecake; I think he’s a keeper!! No alcohol – I can’t face it – I must be ill. Keeping my fluids up with plenty of water intake.

It’s 9.30pm now and I am very tired and I’m topped up on more painkillers. My head still hurts and the top half of my body particularly aches. And the cough is still going …

So it’s onwards to day 3 tomorrow with the start of my husband working from home and two children with Google Classrooms for learning. Let’s see how self-isolation is working then. Wish me luck!!

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