They came back …

It’s not like I expected my tablets to be a complete end to my Hemiplegic Migraines but I had been pretty lucky up until now … just not on Monday evening!

On Monday evening as I neared home, I felt that all too familiar numbness creep into my right hand and my hand fell from the steering wheel; unable to feel the texture of the leather between my fingers or in the palm of my hand. Thankfully down to experience I knew I had time to get home safely before it took hold.

It was June 2019 I had had my last attack and I think I’d been lulled into a false sense of security. I’d been doing pretty good with my meds. They were keeping things at bay and I was ticking over other than the odd twinge and pins and needles and an inability to sleep particularly well things weren’t too bad.

As I approached home, I started to lose the feeling in my foot and I knew there was no coming back from this.

I managed to get in the house and went straight to bed. Within 10 minutes, the paralysis set in. My whole right hand side was numb and I could not move and my eye was shut closed. Do you know I had completely forgotten how awful the whole experience was? I actually felt like I wanted to cry but tiredness overcame the whole situation and I pretty much passed out for an hour.

I woke up, still half paralysed. After about 2 hours some of the paralysis starts to wear off and I can drag myself around though I imagine I look vaguely like something out of The Walking Dead!

I am still recovering now. Almost harder than the actual attack itself. It takes so long to get over. Tuesday all day I was so tired and a little away with the fairies and still struggling to feel anything on my right hand side; by the evening I was beyond tired. Wednesday I was starting to get feeling back but my arms were both sore; much more productive. I think I’m going to try a visit to the office tomorrow for some adult company … I am sick and tired of talking to the 4 walls!!!

Onwards and upwards!!

9 thoughts on “They came back …”

  1. Wow, just read this, and it sounds dreadful. Really hope you are back on the mend now, but really hope you could find something to banish it forever. Take care. G & F xx


  2. Thanx for sharing your experience, I know all about hemiplegic migraines, I get them myself. They take over your whole world sometimes, Takes days to recover, it’s a bitch, however I am always thankful the paralysis is temporary. Have you noticed any correlation between your hemiplegic episodes and anything you might have eaten? One severe trigger for me is bacon, just the smell of it cooking and my face droops instantly, my right arm goes limp and numb, and I start dragging my right leg around behind me, can be so painful and intense the feeling of “instant” paralysis. For a long time I didn’t even know I had hemiplegic, let alone 3 other types of migraines, I just thought it was a really bad singular migraine and bella palsy, NOPE! Take care and thanx again, I appreciate your posts!


    1. That sounds horrific to get something instantly when eating bacon!! I couldn’t cope with that!! Lol!! Took a while for the diagnosis as the NHS just wanted to tell me to take aspirin and get on with it! Not til I went private that I got anywhere.


      1. It definitely sucks, lol, but I also know my other triggers too so it has helped minimize attacks. My other types of migraines, 3 different ones, are somewhat manageable, especially once I learned from a headache specialist I had more than one migraine, so I had to treat them all differently. Botox has helped a bit too, as well as CBD oil.


  3. Thanx for ur posts, I get hemiplegic migraines too, and know exactly what it feels like, one of my triggers is bacon, have u learned any correlation between food and your migraines? Sorry u have to deal with them, too!


    1. I haven’t any food correlations – not that I have found anyway!! Well not yet! Stress is definitely a trigger for me. They are difficult to deal with but I know I don’t have them them half as bad as others.


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