40 Things to do before I’m 40 (well in my 40th year)!

Hard to believe as it is, I turn 40 next year!! Shock of all horrors! When I was 8, I thought 40 was ancient! But (diagnosed illnesses aside) I don’t feel 40 … I feel younger now than when I was 21! I think I might be living my life backwards. I am definitely more outgoing now than I was then; more confident, more self assured, more me!!

So I have decided that I am going to complete a bucket list of sorts before the end of my 40th year – so I have until 2 April 2021 to complete the list. My list isn’t extravagant or indulgent; just things I want to do so why not? Write it down, stick to it and achieve.

Here goes …

  1. Celebrate my 40th – kind of goes without saying I guess but it’s top of the list!!
    Get a Disney Themed tattoo – am currently thinking Mary Poppins themed
    Go on holiday to the Lake District – have always wanted to go and never been
    See the Northern Lights
    Stay in a Glass Igloo/Dome for a night
    Learn a new language
    Visit Ireland
    Celebrate New Year’s Eve in a foreign city
    Swim with dolphins
    Climb a mountain
    Go to a festival – probably Isle of Wight
    Do one thing that scares me
    Go on a trip with the girls
    Family trip to Portugal
    Visit Norfolk – where my Mum’s family come from
    Visit a local attraction I’ve never been too
    Watch the 100 Must See Movies with Steve and/or the kids
    Make a will – boring but essential!!
    Go on a cruise
    Build something
    Write a book (or at least make a start!!)
    Perform a random act of kindness
    Take on the crystal maze
    Get something published
    Write a letter to my future self
    Learn reiki
    Watch the sunrise and sunset on the longest day of the year
    Take the kids on a holiday to Wales
    Read 10 Classic books
    Learn a sport
    Watch a meteor shower – I always say I will and never do it!!
    Go to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius
    Sleepover in a museum by torchlight
    Go hiking
    Take a long train journey
    Visit the thermal baths in Bath
    Go to the cinema on my own
    Renew my wedding vows
    Own a pair of Designer shoes
    Post a positive post every day on Social Media

Nothing on this list is going to change the world not is it groundbreaking or extraordinary but it’s my list and mine to complete. Here is to the next 19 months … how many can I complete?

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