What a week (well two)… !

People always tell you “Be humble. Be humble.” When was the last time someone told you to be amazing? Be great! Be great! Be awesome! Be awesome!

Kanye west

Well, I apologise for my two week absence, but the past two weeks have been the final two weeks of the summer term for my two, so it’s that time that we all know as as parents that we need to split ourselves into two and be in a million different places, organise sitters, remember a million things, and the list goes on! But we do it, we love the rush I’m sure; well that or we are sadistic!?!?! Quite possible! The never ending quest to be the “perfect parent”, “perfect employee”, “perfect business owner”, “perfect spouse” … well, life would be boring without this wouldn’t it?

The past two weeks have included a Rugby Dinner Dance, Sports Day and Garden Party, a meeting in London, a sleepover for one, a Concert for me, a Boat Party for Hubby, old car going back and new car being picked up, Prep Graduation, End of Term Work Celebrations x 2, Senior Gala, a school trip to London to see Wicked for 1, Speech Day and Summer Nights Dinner Dance. Don’t forget organising the Teacher’s gift and card x 2. Add to that two nights of working until 2am and another until midnight and falling asleep in front of my computer and the numerous late runs in the office, and I am one very tired Mum!! But … also one very happy one!

At the moment, work is manic! Of course it is; it would only be that the busiest two weeks of school life happen when work is amazingly busy too. These things were sent to try us, right? I wouldn’t want to only have one part of my life in overdrive!!

I love a busy work life because it keeps you just that, busy! No time for distractions; hours fly by – maybe too quickly for my liking, but hey ho!! I have not been blessed with receiving Hermione Grainger’s Time-Turner just yet!! The work I’m doing at the moment is by far the most important work I have ever completed and this does weigh heavy on my mind; hence the extra hours. I know it will be short-lived; no-one could work this way forever. At the moment needs must and I will physically do everything that I can because this company means that much to me; it’s partly “my baby”; helping set the division up 11 years ago and seeing it grow into the success it is. I have always given it my heart and always will.

The hard work has been balanced out by a couple of lovely evenings out with the Youth section of the rugby team and also the parents and teachers at Summer Nights at the School. Both evenings were lovely; perfect events to properly catch up with people and get dressed up. The school event was a fantastic evening with live music from the wonderful Headstock (Short clip below) – you can check them out here https://www.facebook.com/Headstocklive/ and excellent food from a new found caterer.

On our table were the parents of a child starting next term, who I had invited, so they could get to know some parents prior to September. Thankfully this was a resounding success! Phew! No pressure!! Both Mum and Dad are really lovely and are going to slot right into school life and, as always, they will be welcomed with open arms as our year group always does. I found out that night however quite how small the world really is!! I had thought I had recognised the “new Dad” but I know what I’m like with recognising people and seem to think I recognise a lot of people and never know why so I’ve almost stopped trusting myself, but on this occasion I should have trusted my instincts!! We were talking about where we worked and – considering we live within 3 miles of each other on the south coast and our children are going to be in the same class – we both work in Reading (just a mere 60 miles away!!!!!!). This conversation went on and narrowed down and … we work in the same very small business park in the buildings next door to each other and have done so for the past 6 years!! How weird is that!?!?!

It’s a small world after all


On 5th July, I had the absolute most amazing pleasure of watching Celine Dion headline BST Hyde Park. I knew I would enjoy it; I have loved her since she brought out “Think Twice” back in 1993 but I was not prepared for quite how much I was going to love it. This was hands down the most incredible concert I have ever been to. Celine is an absolute megastar!! She commands the stage; she commands a whole audience. The audience sang every single word and even though it’s an outdoor concert, you just wouldn’t have known; the sheer noise created by the 60,000 strong crowd made it feel like you were somehow in a stadium not a park in Central London. Even leaving the venue, a few people would start singing a line and within seconds there were thousands singing “My Heart will go on”. Celine is epic!! My most favourite concert of all time and I cannot wait to see if and when another tour is announced; I will be at the font of the queue!!

The boy this week has shown how amazing he can truly be! He is awesome! It’s true – even his Headmaster’s comments in his report say so. This is where I am not going to be humble about his achievements as I am beyond proud of what he has achieved this year!! Firstly he performed in the Senior Gala and Speech Day as part of the School Rock Band and was the Solo Guitar for “Wonderwall”; this in itself is amazing but take into account he is actually in Prep and not Senior this is beyond amazing in my opinion. He rocked with the others through “Smells like Teen Spirit”, “Seven Nation Army” and “School’s Out for Summer”. Speech Day is the pinnacle day of the school year where they hand out the awards for the year; mostly for Prep upwards. I cannot even begin to put into words how proud I am of my “baby” boy – he was awarded the Form prize for Year 6 but most importantly he received Headmasters Honours for his Baccalaureate and an Academic Scholarship. The move we made two years ago to this school has been worth everything; the school is brilliant and I would not change a thing. What a two years he has had!! Thank you for letting him grow

So at the end of this two weeks, we are a pretty tired family. In fact this morning I woke up at 9am having gone to bed at 10pm! Unheard of in my world pre-Hemiplegic Migraine diagnosis. I used to burn the candle at both ends and be perfectly fine; now I can fall asleep mid afternoon for a few hours!! It might be a bit of age too but I’m not admitting to being 40 next year yet so that can’t possibly be true!! I have had an amazing two weeks; now for a relaxing few please. I think we all deserve that. The kids work incredibly hard and they need some time off too, so time to relax for them and have some fun.

Hope the end of terms fly past for everyone else out there and you get through the franticness in preparation for some well-deserved time off.

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