I like good strong words that mean something

Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Words can mean so much and so many different things to different people. This got me thinking.

I have had some words said to me since starting this blog (none horrible!!) so I thought I’d look at these, what they mean to me, how they make me feel and what they say they are in the dictionary.

One friend said to me “You are so brave“.

brave, adjective – endure or face unpleasant conditions or behaviour without showing fear

I never thought starting my blog was a brave thing to do: not once did that cross my mind so I asked her why? She responded swiftly, “Well, you have been so open and put yourself out there. You’ve done it on social media and the internet and left yourself open for anyone to comment. People could say anything; positive or negative – you’ve seen how it goes”.

Oh my!!!! Do you know it had actually never even crossed my mind that anyone would say anything negative? In fairness, I wasn’t even sure if people were going to be interested in reading what I had to say let alone comment on anything!! So I hadn’t felt brave; I certainly now felt a little worried!! Do I need to be? Am I too naive that this didn’t cross my mind? Maybe I just see the good in people? Who knows? But I definitely didn’t feel brave.

Brave is a soldier going into the unknown; our emergency services; a cancer fighter. Not me; foolish maybe and a little naive but not brave.

Another describes me as amazing.

amazing, adjective – very impressive, excellent

I don’t think that writing a blog is amazing. Solving world peace is amazing! Finding a cure for cancer is amazing! Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is amazing!

Ok so I am probably taking that to the extreme and this is where words can mean different things and amazing has a fair few different levels in context! That said, I still don’t feel that I’m amazing. I am just a normal (well maybe not quite normal but as near as dammit!!) person who thought sharing her writing with the world might be a halfway good idea.

The one that will stick with me most is being described as an Inspiration.

inspiration, noun – a person or thing that inspires. The process of being mentally stimulated to feel or do something.

My immediate response to this was “I think that’s a slight overreaction”. To which her response was “It isn’t”.

Whilst I don’t believe this of myself; I am in love with the fact that someone can feel this way about me! If I can inspire just one person then I’m doing something right, aren’t I? I would love to do more than that but Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say. It made me feel accomplished despite my own doubt of my own abilities. As it turns out the person who said this turned out to be an inspiration to me, not only through telling me I was an inspiration and building my confidence but by sharing their own problems and I hope it was a case of “a problem shared is a problem halved”.

Whatever words spring to mind when people read this then I hope they are all lovely of course. Even if they aren’t then everyone is entitled to their opinion; that’s what makes this world what it is. We are a diverse world.

The 3 words I would like my blog to be known for are:

  • Honest
  • Fun
  • Imperfect

Hopefully a little bit like me!!

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